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Makeup Lessons

'For some, the idea of applying makeup is so scary and unobtainable. After hearing many times from clients about the frustration fuelled rants (and often even tears!) that have been caused from trying to achieve the perfect flick from some eyeliner or the smouldering sexiness of a 'simple' smokey eye, it seemed time to offer up some help and pass on some of our hard earned knowledge and wisdom within this amazing industry.' 
Grace ~ Owner. 

Whilst applying makeup is a skill that some acquire without so much as an arch of the eyebrow, for some, it is a scary minefield of uncertainty and self doubt. Images of smokey eyeshadow become synonymous with a black eye and the idea of sticking on false eyelashes can bring on a shiver of fear and apprehension. The beauty of makeup is that it can be tailored to suit everyone, drawing upon inspirational influences from your lifestyle, skin type, shape of features and of course, considering one's budget as well. 

Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services offer one to one makeup lessons where fully trained stylists will sit with you, talk about your current skincare and makeup routine, look through your current makeup collection (if you have one) and make recommendations for products you may find beneficial to use in the future as well as how to use them. 

The lesson covers a day to night time makeup look, showing you useful techniques and allowing you to practice your newly found skills whilst helping to build your confidence and knowledge in the world of cosmetics. 

Group lessons are also available and shall receive their lesson from 2 or more stylists, depending upon the size of the booking. It is advisable to book all lessons to take place during daytime hours in order to gain the benefit of using the natural light during application, although evening bookings can be arranged if more preferable. All lessons are to be held at the client's home, therefore you don't even have to leave your own creature comforts to benefit from this service. 

Do you get thirsty or hungry when you're learning? We can cater for you during your lesson by providing a delicious Afternoon Tea to help keep you happy and focused as you acquire your new skills along with the confidence to apply them! Don't want to learn alone? Why not invite a friend or even a whole group of them along for moral support and, most likely, a good giggle!

One to One Makeup Lesson (up to 3 hours session and includes application of false eyelashes)
Group Makeup Lesson consisting of 3 or more participants (includes application of false lashes)
Afternoon tea consisting of a selection of cakes, sandwiches, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, herbal teas or a glass of fizz. 


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