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Booking Agreement (Terms and conditions)

This agreement is made between Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd and the client as detailed in the attached booking form, which forms part of the contract. Any changes to the booking form (such as, but not limited to dates, locations and number of clients) must be made in writing/email and agreed with Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd .

If due to non-availability Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd transfers the client’s booking to another hairstylist and make-up artist, the client will enter into another contract with the substituted hairstylist and make-up artist.

If the client enters into a new agreement with a substituted hairstylist and make-up artist, then Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd has no legal responsibility or on-going liability to the client in connection with the booking.

Any digital photographs taken at a trial or on the date of any service, may be used to with your permission for Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd's publicity or promotion.

Bookings Procedure and Deposit

Booking Stylists:

Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd will hold provisional bookings confirmed by telephone or email for a period of 72 hours and the appointment will become final upon the safe receipt of the booking form and deposit which is 20% of the total cost of the booking when booking a stylist. Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd will acknowledge receipt of the deposit in an invoice via writing/email and confirm this as the finalised booking. The remaining 80% balance is then paid to the Stylist/s on the day, along with the travel/call-out charge that is negotiated between client and stylist prior to the booking, if necessary. Any reduction to the booking services made whilst the booking is taking place shall not receive a refund. Any additional services added on whilst the booking is taking place shall need to be communicated to Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services via text or email from the stylist before the extra services are given by way of written record of them being carried out. 

In the event that the booking deposit is not received by Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd in the stipulated time period, then the booking will lapse and the date will become available to another client or if the booking form is received late then the date will still be made available to the client if it has not been booked by another party. 

The booking deposit must be received within 48 hours of a provisional booking being made in order to reserve the date, unless paying by cheque in which case it should be received within 5 working days. The payment can be made by cheque or paid directly through Paypal (although additional charges may occur through Paypal) or via bank transfer. Please request all relevant payment information through the email address or contact number located on the 'Contact Us'. 

If no deposit is received then the provisional booking will lapse and will only be re-instated if the date remains available and the full deposit is received. The deposit is non-refundable or transferable. If the client wishes to alter the booked date, the deposit paid for the original date is non-refundable or transferable, unless specifically agreed by Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd .

In the event that two or more artists have to be booked to cover an assignment, the charges shall be laid out separately in the invoice for each person carrying out the job. 


The final balance of the payment is due to the stylist/s in cash or via bank transfer on the day of the booking, upon completion of the agreed service or if preferred by the client payment can be made in advance of the booking date by cheque, cash or bank transfer to the appointed stylist/make-up artist at least 14 days before the wedding day/booking date.

For payments not received late payment charges may be applied, we reserve the right to rebook another party or cancel your booking if fees are not paid on time. We do not provide credit terms.

Services to be Supplied

It is strongly recommended that a trial appointment is booked to agree a style and procedure for any wedding services. Several hair styles and make-up looks may be tried at the trial appointment(s) until the client chooses her preferred style and make-up for the wedding day.

Any requested changes after that date may result in a further trial appointment, for which an additional charge will be made.

If the client is unhappy or dissatisfied in any way with the service supplied prior to or during the trial then she must notify Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd immediately. A replacement stylist shall be provided if possible, however deposits and trial fees shall not be refunded and a charge shall still be made to cover the trial with your new stylist. Further services may be supplied entirely at the discretion of Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd.

Travel Charges

Travel expenses and parking costs may need to be negotiated prior to your booking. This is a transaction which shall need to be discussed between stylist and client, and charges shall be calculated through the use of an online mileage calculator. If travel time exceeds 1 hr, there may be additional costs at a charge of up to £10 per hour to account for the stylist's time spent travelling. In the event of parking being charged, all charges shall need to be reimbursed to the stylist/s immediately. 

Booking Cancellations: 

If for some reason you need to cancel your booking, this should be confirmed by email or telephone as soon as possible. Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours prior to a standard appointment, or up to 6 weeks prior to a wedding day appointment and a 25% refund of the deposit will be given.
 Cancellations made that are NOT within this notice period are non-refundable or transferable.

If, in the unlikely and extremely rare event of illness and/or personal emergency should happen with a member of the team, we will endeavour to find a suitable replacement stylist. Different fees, terms and conditions may apply. If, due to circumstances afore mentioned, we have to cancel any trial or make up service any fees (deposits or full payments) will be refunded in full. We cannot be held liable in the event of cancellation.

It is the responsibility of the client when booking a hair or makeup artist and paying the 20% deposit to secure their stylist for their appointment, that the appointment is booked immediately, ensuring that they remain outside the time boundary, set out in the terms and conditions.

This is a mandatory requirement to remain eligible for a full refund, in the unlikely event that they are not totally satisfied. 

Wedding Trial Cancellations

If a client has booked a trial through Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd and wishes to cancel or amend the appointment, this should done within 48 hours of the making the initial appointment. Notification should be given by email or telephone, both to the stylist/s involved with the booking and to the Style With Grace Hair and Makeup Service's Team.

In the event that a deposit has been paid for a trial and providing a minimum of 5 days notice of a cancellation prior to the trial date has been given then the client will receive a full refund. Providing the client has given at least 5 days notice through cancellation, and the client should wish to amend the trial booking, then the deposit will then be used in conjunction with the new appointment. If rescheduling the trial is NOT within this 5 day period, another deposit will need to be paid.

If a client makes a booking and has a trial with a Stylist through Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd, and is not totally satisfied with the service, they will receive a 100% refund of their 20% booking deposit providing they remain outside the 6 week prior to wedding day boundary, set out in the the terms and conditions above. However if a client books a trial with a Stylist through Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd within the 6 week boundary and has paid their 20% deposit and are not totally satisfied, they will only be eligible for a 50% refund of their deposit.

In the event that a client wants to book a wedding day appointment at short notice and the date is still available, providing a trial appointment is made immediately from the time the deposit is paid, the client is still only eligible for a 50% refund of the initial deposit if they are not totally satisfied.

Signed: Lucy Grace Healey 

Grace Healey (Director)

Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services Ltd. 

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